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Welcome to my website.

If that's the kind of active protection you need, I invite you to browse my website for more information. Here are the effects of BOSHP on humans:


I invented the BOSHP protection system in 2014 to protect my assets and counter break-ins, armed robberies, home invasions and more ...


I constantly strives for perfection of my high security products to better protect you. My BOSHP protection systems are assembled by hand, here in Quebec by experienced specialists in the field. Each system is rigorously tested twice: once after assembly and a second time before worldwide shipping.

The BOSHP protection system (High pressure sound wave shield) can protect your life and belongings effectively whether it's in your home, office, business, warehouse, vehicle, tool trailer or your boat. It destabilizes and quickly expels intruders!

When in danger, dialing 911 takes a few seconds; rescue takes a few minutes to arrive and these few minutes can cost you your life! 

Our BOSHP system can save your life. Think about it !​

Protection BOSHP © 2017

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