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What is the BOSHP protection system:


It is a High Pressure Sound Wave Shield that can quickly destabilize and evict intruders during a burglary, home invasion and armed robbery.


It generates a very powerful sound signal. It uses frequencies to which the ear is most sensitive. The morphology of the human ear is such that at a certain frequency a resonance occurs in the eardrum. When the eardrum comes into resonance, it begins to vibrate in an accentuated way and produces an amplified perception of this frequency. When this same frequency is generated at a very large amplitude, the eardrum vibrates excessively and immediately produces a sensory disorganization, intense pain in the ears and the brain becoming unbearable, forcing the intruder to quickly leave the scene in protection mode, without permanent damages.


Numerous laboratory tests were performed to identify the frequency most perceptible to the human ear as a function of age and its morphological variants. This frequency and its variants were digitized with a high sampling rate and then saved in a high-capacity memory.


The circuit is at the cutting edge of technology, it uses a micro processor to read the information stored in the memory to reproduce with very high precision the original frequency. In addition, it has a powerful class '' D '' amplifier with a performance greater than 90%. Its power is 100 watts RMS continuous. All this power is diffused by "Speakers" high-end, made to measure for our application.

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Why choose the BOSHP protection system:


Because the BOSHP protection system is very powerful, efficient and versatile:


1- It can be added to any kind of existing security system.

2- It can be triggered remotely by a smartphone or a central monitoring.

3- It can operate autonomously in remote areas without electricity.

4- System is extremely reliable, low maintenance cost, quick and easy to install.


We manufacture custom-made as needed: residential, commercial, industrial, automotive, etc. Possibility of OEM manufacturing. No matter what you need to protect, BOSHP will be where you need it!​

How does the BOSHP protection system work:


Like any alarm system: As soon as there is detection of intrusion or triggering by a panic button, the BOSHP is activated.​

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What is the difference between a conventional alarm system and BOSHP:


The conventional alarm system:


When there is motion detection, the alarm system sends a signal to a central monitoring station and, at the same time, activates its siren which simply makes it sound intrusive by emitting a standard, non-disturbing sound which varies between 115db and 135db +/-. Nothing more! So, the time the authorities arrive on the scene, the thief has all the time necessary to steal your property without being disturbed by the siren.

Here are two steals of ATMs protected by an alarm system and cameras connected to a central monitoring:​

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The BOSHP system:


As soon as there is detection of intrusion or triggering by a panic button, the BOSHP is activated.It emits a powerful High Pressure Sound Wave Shield that can immediately change the behavior of an intruder; He will be extremely surprised, causing a sensory disorganization with intense pain in the ears and the brain becoming unbearable.  He will have to leave the place in protection mode with his fingers in his ears. BOSHP easily covers 12,000 cubic feet. Its effectiveness is impressive!


Here the effects of BOSHP in a garage of 12,000 cubic feet, an office and a car:

As you can see, there is a difference between the two systems: The conventional alarm system and cameras connected to a central monitoring station, will just give a video with the time and date of the burglary. And that's all!

By cons, with BOSHP, it's finish to just know the time of burglary as do all traditional alarm systems.​

Now protect yourself with the BOSHP protection system. Its terribly painful effect, but without permanent sequelae, destabilizes and quickly expels intruders.

BOSHP protection could eliminate theft at the source, it's just great!

The High Pressure Sound Wave Shield is essential to everything you need to really protect!

Do not wait to be a victim of a crime; contact us before!

You have questions?

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