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BOSHP FIXED (Indoor use)


It is assembled in a galvanized metal case. Ideal for protecting house, garage and warehouse.

It is complete and equipped with a battery backup. You can add it to any kind of existing alarm system. To do this, you must connect it to the siren output (12vdc) of your alarm panel.


It can also operate autonomously, without an alarm system, and be triggered by a 12vdc power source. Plug the power supply into a wall outlet (110vlt or 220vlt) to charge its battery backup.


Weight: 13 kg with battery / 9 kg without battery.


Left with battery backup / Right without battery backup

** Easy to install! Can be installed by a handyman. **​

Sirène autonome
Sirène qui s'ajoute à tout système d'alarme

PORTABLE BOSHP  (Indoor use)


This portable version is assembled in a NANUK hard case, carry-on style, with polyurethane wheels that withstand rough terrain. Its one-handed retractable handle offers ease of use. Its three soft-grip handles make this rolling case one of the most practical on the market. It offers the maximum level of protection.


Portable equipment:



1-   One BOSHP system; 

2-   One battery 24vdc; very long autonomy;

3-   One dc converter 24v - 12v;

4-   One 24vdc 5 amp charger;  (110-220 V)

5-   One wireless alarm system;

6-   One wireless LCD keypad;

7-   One wireless motion detector, (- 40 c);

8-   One desiccant container;

9-   Two bidirectional remote controls;

10- Two padlocks;

11- Click on the link: All frequency anti-jamming system.


This portable is perfect for those who are often on the move and want complete protection where they need it.  In addition, when an alarm is triggered, the system can telephone you at the telephone number of your choice, or directly to a central monitoring station.


Technical specifications :


23.5 Kilos


Between 20 and 20,000 Hz;


125.9 dBA re 1pW = LwA 125.9dB / free field @ 1 meter distance;


131, dB / free field @ 1 meter distance.


We manufacture to measure, according to your needs.


For purchase, dont hesitate to contact me:

Système de protection boshp portable
Boshp portable
Boshp portable vue de dops
L'intérieur du système de protection boshp portable
Les mesures dy système de protection boshp portable

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